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S10 Blast Speed-Kit 60km/h

The perfect speed tuning for S10 Blast models!
Art. no.: 80562

These speed kits are specially tailored for the S10 Blast car line. You can pimp your model to the absolute top speed! The combos consist of motor, suitable speed control and battery*. There’s no need for any further accessories. Depending on your ambitions, you can tune your car to speeds of ca. 45, 60 or 80 km/h. 
The 60km/h kit includes:
• SPX Brushless Super Reverse speed control
• Vector X12 Brushless Modified 8.5T - Octa-Wind motor
• LiPo Power Pack 3200 - 7.4V - 30C Multi Plug Hardcase battery
The pro-high-speed combo – brushless power for all S10 Blast models! Higher speed, more power and extreme acceleration are the main attributes of the S10 Blast Speed-Kit 60 km/h. With this set you can tune your S10 to double the standard top speed. Vector X12 Brushless Modified motor combined with the SPX Brushless Super Reverse and the resources of a LiPo battery – this is real power!  
You need more top speed? Then you should get the 60 km/h tuning kit. 
* battery not included in the 80km/h kit