Brushless + Brushed

Sphere Competition Brushless + Brushed

LRP elevates Brushless-Racing to a higher level
With the SPHERE Competition Brushless+Brushed LRP set a new milestone in brushless technology.
Art. no.: 80700

Now, LRP is even going further. The fantastic result of multiple days and nights of testing and racing around the world is the all new SPHERE Competition Brushless+Brushed „2007 Edition”! The improved version of the SPHERE Competition Brushless+Brushed including a highly improved soft- and hardware and all speed secrets of the LRP Factory Team is just amazing and one of todays most advanced brushless speed controls!

Well known and famous from our LRP brushed speedos! Now also available for brushless systems. The launch control allows „rocket like" starts. After activating it wins you that leading edge right from the start of the race (this feature is only recommended to be used with touringcars on high traction surfaces!).  

Improved ADPCTM

• 8 maps instead of 6 for finer adjustments.

• Latest team maps are incorporated for all classes.

• Revised maps for new Vector X11 motors with sintered magnet.


• Records the maximum internal temperature in the speedcontrol. Advantages: You know the capacity utilisation ofthe speed control. Then you can push your R/C car right up to its maximum power limits (stronger motor, gear ratio,% full throttle, etc.).

Improved „Push"/Automatic Brake

• New efficient brake software, more control and lowermotor-/speedo-temperature.

• More precisely adjustable in smaller increments.

• Revised brake maps for sintered and bonded magnets.  


  • ADPC-Advanced Digital Phase Control
  • Sensored technology
  • Multi-Protection-System
  • 2,6mm² power-wire
  • Ice Drive Design
  • Weight only 24.5g
  • External soldering tabs
  • Blue LEDs
  • 3.0A BEC
  • Automatic brushless/brushed swichtover
  • AutoCell System - Automatic NiMH-LiPo adaption
  • World Champions Technology
  • 3x Multi Protection System
  • 4, 5 and 6 cells
4 adjustable Modes NiMH/LiPo, ADPCTM Power Profiles, Initial Brake, Automatic Brake
BEC / Electric power supply of the receiver 5.5V/3.0A
Brake NiMH/LiPo, ADPCTM Power Profiles, Initial Brake, Automatic Brake
Brushless+Brushed yes
Brushless+Brushed Adaption yes
Weight 24.5g
Size 33.1 x 37.6 x 14.9mm
High frequency yes
Rec. Motorlimit Brushed over 5 turns
Rec. Motorlimit Brushless over 3.5 turns
Multi-Protection-System yes
Power-wire 2.6mm² silicone flex
Sensored Brushless System yes
Voltage input 4-7 cells (4.8-7.4V)
Rated Current (Brushed) 400A
Rated Current (Brushless) 400A/phase
Typical Voltage Drop @20A (Brushed) 0.013V @ 20A
Typical Voltage Drop @20A (Brushless) 0.018V @ 20A
Forward/Brake yes