Vector X11 13.5 T Brushless Stock Spec

Controlled Brushless Power for STOCK Racing
Art. no.: 50840

Controllability was never that easy before! The new VECTOR X11 Stock Spec is tailor-made for all kinds of controlled stock racing.

Due to the laser engraving and the colour-coded aluminium ring in the teardown the numbers of turns can easily be identifi ed. In addition the VECTOR X11 Stock Spec includes a black coloured magnet and motor shaft which make this motor as easy controllable as never before!


  • Military Spec Sintered Neodym Magnete
  • New low resistance design
  • New oversized low friction ball bearings
  • New solder tabs, easy and safe installation
  • New stack for more torque
  • Low resistance multilayer PCB
  • Handwound
  • X11 teardown, dismountable, timeable
  • Sensor-technology
  • Standard 540-size + weight
  • Can be used with sensored and sensorless speedos.
  • German Technology
RPM 23.040
Weight 168g
Power 201W
Type 13.5 TURNS
Efficiency 93%
Specific rpm/volt, kv 3.200