Tactyl II Light Kit - rear - Thunder Tiger

Art. no.: BT0030



Tactyl II differentials are self-locking depending on the torque transferred. The folling situations demonstrate the system´s advantages:


In „traction mode”, the car is driven by the engine. If one axle transfers less torque than the other, there is a loss of tranction ans the car accelerates slower. In this case, the Tractyl II differentials are automatically lockes and the igher torque is transferred to the axle with the greatest traction. The reult is maxmum acceleration.


In „coasting mode”, the flow of force is interrupted. In this case, the Tractyl II works like a fully unlocked differential. You have a greater steering feel ans the car drives much more directly.


In corners, the Traytyl II differential transfers the most torque to the axle with slower rate of rotation, normally the rear axle. If the raer axle loses traxtion, the Tractyl II transfers torque more towars the front axle to achieve maximum acceleration coming out of the corner.
  • Only the best high-qualaty materials used
  • Automatic, mechanical self-locking diff
  • Adjustable diff locking via sleeves
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Weight-optimized, only 108g
  • More direct and uniform streering
  • Very fast response to throttle changes
  • Much higher corning speeds
  • Much less wear on tires and mechanical drive parts
  • Suitable for all drivers. Professionals can extract that little extra speed that is decisive. Newcomers have a simple-to-maintain, highly competitive, long-lasting R/C car.