Gravit Dark Vision 2.4GHz Quadrocopter with Full-HD-Action-Cam

Meet our latest quadrocopter offspring. The LRP Gravit Dark Vision is equipped with the revolutionary quick mounting system. It works plug’n’play. You won’t need any screws or soldering. Simply pull the boom of the Gravit from its retainer and push the optional coloured replacement arm in and you are good to go. The arms including motor and propeller will be separably available in 4 cool colours: yellow, red, blue and green.

The Dark Vision is also equipped with a with a Full-HD camera that can be operated from the transmitter. Pictures and videos can be shot via the two buttons on the transmitter. The files are directly saved to the included 4GB Micro-SD card. You can stay up in the air for up to 14 minutes with the included LiPo battery.

All the well-known features from our previous quadrocopters are also on board. “Headless Flying” and the “Return Functions” make your life as a pilot a lot easier while the high-power motors generate ultimate acceleration and speed – in combination with the “360° Automatic Looping” a true eye catcher! The “Multiple LED-System” with different colours provide you with all the information you need and also makes it very tough to loose sight of the Dark Vision.



RRP: 129,99 Euro
(Recommended retail price)

Shop-price: 40,00 Euro
(Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)


  • Revolutionary quick-mounting-system
  • Full-HD-Action-Cam
  • Headless Flying - Easily control your Gravit without caring for its actual orientation
  • Sistema LED múltiple
  • 360° looping - Quadrocopter performs loopings in all directions
  • 4GB Micro-SD-card included!
  • Long flight time (14 minutes!)
  • Ultimate Power - 4 big high-power motors are providing ultimate acceleration and speed
  • Rotor safety guard (detachable)
  • Return Function - Flys back in your direction at the push of a button
  • LED position lights
  • Spare parts available
  • Built-in 6-axis gyro - Provides extra stability and perfect flight control
  • 3 Power - Levels
  • RTF - Ready to fly
  • Training mode
  • 4-Channel Digital Proportional 2.4GHz FHSS Control - Interference free transmitting due to automatic frequency check
  • Complete Set

Technical data

Rotor diameter 205mm
Overall diameter 350mm
Height 185mm
Weight (ready to fly) 380g
LED lights green/red
Control functions up/down, forward/backward, turn left/turn right, hover sidewards, looping
Transmitting frequency 2.4GHz
Battery 2S 1800mAh 7.4 LiPo
Video function Yes
Photo function Yes

Spare parts