Exzes-Z Stick-Radio set (2.4GHz/FH4T/4 channel)

You like the Sanwa M12, but you’re a stick radio fan? Then, the Sanwa Exzes-Z is your new transmitter! It offers the same range of functions like the M12 and is THE stick system to reach first-class results. Extremely successful top drivers Lamberto Collari and Robert Pietsch trust in Sanwa stick transmitters for years. 
With a suitable receiver and speed control (e.g. Sanwa RX-472 and Sanwa Super Vortex Zero), telemetry data like motor rpm & temperature are displayed on the transmitter and can also be read out to the PC. Just select the PC-Link function and transmit the data via the optional data wire.  
In addition, the Exzes-Z can be perfectly adapted to the individual preferences of the driver. The tension on both sticks can be easily adjusted, both of the sticks can be angled and single buttons can be set up to functions of individual choice, to name only a few.  
The FH4T 2.4GHz technology stands for a extremely direct and super fast transmission, resulting in getting a big advantage on the race track. Quick throttle and steering response allow even more precise manoeuvres.  
Last but not least, the Sanwa Exzes-X offers a wide range of adjustment possibilities without being a heavy weight. Due to some upgrades of the internal structure, the weight of the transmitter has been significantly reduced.
The set includes a 4-cell NiMH battery and a charger.  
The evolution of the Exzes-X:
• DMS Setting?Directly read your registered model at the launch
• TH 5:5 mode: TH neutral pulse 1.5m sec
• Point AUX: integrated maximum 6 points AUX
• MOA MIX : Respond to 2 motor throttle
• 4WS MIX: Respond to front and rear steering individually
• SPEED Setting: ST/TH point, direction setting available
• MODEL Sorts Setting: Model order can be sorted as you like
• Ch Set Menu Setting: Setting menu for every CH


Replacement: #101A32072A

Exzes ZZ Stick-Radio incl. 2 x RX-472 Receiver

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  • Car type select: 10 categories
  • Custom menu: user friendly menu structure
  • LC display: 128x256 full dot LC display
  • Curve setting: able to fine adjust 9/18 point curve
  • Best fit setting: Able to set the driver's best condition
  • Dual steering: able to set the rudder angle individually
  • PC link: able to read and write the data to the PC
  • Monitoring: share data with another transmitter
  • Data logger: data can be sent to the PC
  • Racing mode: able to change driving status in a single touch
  • Deutsche Menüführung

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