Deep Blue 330 Hydro 2.4GHz High-Speed Racing Boat RTR

The LRP Deep Blue 330 Hydro is LRP’s first ever hydroplane. Due to its exceptional construction, it is extremely agile and almost flies over the water.

The model has all features you need for safe and comfortable

driving fun: battery warning system, intelligent binding control, waterproof electronics**, safety system for the powerful motor, battery warning system and reinforced propeller. Due to the 2.4GHz transmitter with a range of 100 metres, multiple boats can be operated simultaneously. Enjoy perfect 'aquadynamics' and hot boat races with your friends!   

* with intact hull, sealing and correctly mounted cover
** does not apply for the transmitter and the charger




  • 2.4GHz Technology - Simultaniously race with multiple Deep Blue boats
  • After succesfully binding the boat, the rudder also works outside of the water. The motor does not work outside of water to provide additional safety.
  • Safety system - Propeller only rotates in water
  • Battery warning system - Warns you as soon as the battery gets empty so there is enough time to bring the boat back to the shore
  • Unsinkable*
  • Heavy-duty metal rudder linkage
  • Easy to control
  • Recommended by World Champion Gunnar Felger
  • RTR - Ready to Run
  • Reinforced propeller
  • Fancy metallic paint
  • Boat rack included
  • Spare parts available
  • Waterproof electronics**

Technical data

Weight 280g
Length 330mm
Height 77mm
Control functions Forward/backward, left/right
Remote Control 2.4GHz
Width 132mm

Spare parts