1:10 Short Course Cityblock 3 Wide (Soft) Pre-Mnt Red Insert SC-10 4X4

The CITYBLOCK 3 tread pattern has been opened up from the original, which allows the tire to dig deeper in some of the loosest of conditions. The innovative approach to tread design launched a tire that is unmatched in its versatility. From loose dusty tracks to high bite hard packed tracks the CITYBLOCK 3 will deliver consistent performance and has become the workhorse of the AKA tire line. New to the 3rd generation of this tire is the 2014 ROAR National Championship winning Typo carcass for even better performance than before! Available as pre-mounted pairs or tires with inserts in the race proven soft and super soft compounds.

One Pair of Pre Mounted Tires
- Fits Team Associated SC-10 w/ Hex, SC-10 4x4
- Soft Compound
- Red Wide SC Inserts



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