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LRP – 1/8 Offroad Racing Success!

The International LRP Team is successfully attending many prestigious races all over the world. While the new offroad season is beginning, it’s time to look back on some of the last year’s 1/8 highlights.

You’ll find LRP powered drivers at uncountable race events worldwide. No matter, if local or club races, regional or National Championships, prestigious International races or World Championships – the “Blue is Better” team is always there. In this season’s review we look back on some big points of the past 1/8 offroad season.
Alessandro Remia wins Italian Buggy Championship F2!
Sensational finish for the Italian LRP 1/8 offroad team! 11 years old Alessandro Remia won the Italian Buggy Championship in the F2 category. The Italian LRP team is proud of the youngest ever winner of a National title.
Powered by the LRP S8 BXR evo and LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic, Alessandro outperformed his competitors at the last round of the series. After dominating practice, he consequently TQed and won also the semi-final. In the final, he kept cool and drove to his great victory.


Alessandro Remia on the podium

The Slovenian LRP offroad team

Matej Dobnikar Slovenian 1/8 Buggy Champion!
The Slovenian LRP 1/8 offroad team can look back on an extremely successful season again, with many “Blue is Better” powered drivers racing! Relying on the high-end LRP S8 BXR evo buggy, Matej Dobnikar defended his last year’s title in style. It was LRP’s fourth National title in a row.
After a so-so start into the season, it was the entry of the new LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Nitro Competition engine that proved to be decisive. The combination of its endless power and Matej’s great driving skills were the crucial factors for the overall victory.   


Matej Dobnikar's LRP S8 BXR evo & LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic

Neil Cragg on the podium

Neil Cragg wins prestigious Noeux les Mines Grand Prix!
Another fantastic victory for LRP! Neil Cragg was the dominating driver of the annual Grand Prix in Noeux les Mines. The crème de la crème of Europe’s 1/8 offroad drivers met at this prestigious race event in Northern France.
Despite the tough competition and difficult track conditions, Neil was showing a first-class performance. In the three 15-minutes finals, he could rely on the consistence and power of the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic nitro competition engine.    
Congratulations to you guys and all the best for the 2012 season!