New Firmware-Update for the LRP Pulsar Touch!

The latest Firmware v1.44 is now available for download! The new firmware now better shows the completion of all single processes. Also activation of the balancing function is now working a bit different with earlier activation of the balancer unit.

You already own one of the revolutionary LRP Pulsar Touch Competition chargers? Then you should download the new Firmware update today. You can find the update either on the product page or directly in the Service area!
The Download (zip file) contains:
• the new v1.44 PulsarTouch Firmware (pulsarT_v1.44.bin)
You should't miss out on this!
Changes of the new Firmware v1.44 compared to version v1.41:
• Easier indication process has ended (indicated with inverse text, beter visibility).
• Improved balancing function.

LRP Pulsar Touch Competition