LRP VTEC 4600 Big Mama "Worlds Spec"

With the topspeed and runtime of the LRP HV2 VTEC SC-4600UP BigMama ”World Spec”, you can also be a winner!

Ronald Völker, Vice World Champion at the IFMAR-WC 2008, has demonstrated the incredible performance of this battery! 
Unbelievable performance, maximum voltage, and extremely low internal resistance. This top-of-the-line competition battery was already a real ”high-tech” product which was now again enhanced. Thanks to the exclusive HV2  treatment the ”Worlds Spec”- version delivers highest power over the complete runtime and never seen before top speeds and acceleration values!  

Ronald Völker, top driver and multiple national and international champion, used the all new version of the LRP HV2 VTEC SC-4600UP BigMama at the IFMAR-WC in Thailand and defended himself from both extreme racing conditions as well as world class competitors, only be beaten in the end by another strong German in Marc Rheinard.
The prototype SXX TC spec and the VECTOR X12 — the package looked like it was complete. The only thing missing was the battery, that could deliver the power for a complete race. Here the pick was chosen on the ”Worlds Spec” BigMama. With its extreme high voltage value and huge capacity of 4600 mAh it features the perfect battery characteristics. In addition the power-package is a very robust one, even under extreme weather conditions of high temperature and humidity, the battery kept its unbelievable performance constantly over the complete racing weekend. A final proof of performance!  

•  Top of the line racing cell         
•  Exclusive HV2 treatment         
•  Maximum capacity        
•  Maximum voltage         
•  Lowest internal resistance        
•  Power over the complete run  

Complying with the following federations:


Benefit from the latest battery technology and experience the amazing performance of the LRP HV2 VTEC-SC4600UP BigMama ”Worlds Spec”.                    




LRP HV² SC-4600UP BigMama "Worlds Spec" — Race 6-cell


LRP HV² SC-4600UP BigMama "Worlds Spec" — Team 6-cell


LRP HV² SC-4600UP BigMama "Worlds Spec" — Factory Team 6-cell


LRP HV² SC-4600UP BigMama "Worlds Spec" — Factory Team 5-cell