LRP speedos now with Deans® connectors!

The LRP Spin BL speed controls break the ground first – many others will follow. From now on, all new LRP forward/reverse speedos will be equipped with the original Deans® high-power battery connectors.

New LRP speed controls will get a different battery connector to what was common until now. The Deans® high-power battery connectors stand for even more security, flexibility and compatibility. LRP will supply the speedos with the original Deans® plug – no remake or unsuited materials.
One of the main advantages can already be concluded from the item name: high-power. Now, short-term peaks in power supply can’t damage the connector anymore. In addition, you can charge and discharge the battery with higher currents.
In addition, you’re very flexible when using a speed control with a Deans® connector. Many cars available on the market feature Deans® connectors. So, it doesn’t almost matter which car you drive: you can power it with a LRP speedo in any case.
The first LRP speedo with an original Deans® high-power battery connector is the Spin Super Brushless. It’s ideally suited for hobby and parking lot drivers as well as ambitious entry-level competition racers. The Spin Super is a reliable and very cost-efficient all-round speedo and the perfect addition for all RTR models. It is suited for R/C cars in 1/10 scale and can be used in Touring Cars, Buggies, Truggies, Monster Trucks as well as in Short Course trucks.