Ronald Völker finishes 3rd at the IFMAR TC WC!

The LRP team driver wins the bronze medal in the end after an incredible fight. Newly crowned World Champion is Jilles Groskamp, who beats out Atsushi Hara. All three drivers were to win one round of the finals.

An extremely thrilling World Championship came to its conclusion with the victory of the Dutch driver. He prevailed against the TQ Atsushi Hara from Japan and German top driver Ronald Völker and took home the title for the very first time at his home WC.  
After the victory of A-Main 1 through a risky gamble by Gilles Groskamp and A-Main 2 by Ronald Völker, an extremely thrilling race played out in A-Main 3. Atsushi Hara wanted to keep his chances up and made a courageous run from the front. But he had to fight off hard attacks by Groskamp. Ronald Völker, for many the fastest driver of these WC, was already far behind at this stage due to several collisions.
Groskamp, until the end, was unable to overtake Hara, who prevailed and secured the victory in the last A-Main. Both drivers had 19 points to their account, but the fastest overall time, due to new tyres, was driven by the Dutch driver in A-Main 1. This meant the overall victory at the 7th IFMAR TC WC 2012.
LRP/Yokomo team driver Ronald Völker, at the end on the podium with the 3rd place, was not happy with the result. His Yokomo car and the LRP drive system, made up of the LRP X20 motor and the brand new LRP Flow speed control, were perfectly working together and after the training and the dry qualification rounds, he was for most observers the favourite to take the title. But many other things that he couldn’t influence went against him. There were for example the disputable circumstances in qualification rounds 5 and 6 (evaluation or respectively no evaluation due to differing rain/dry conditions) that cost him the TQ title which was already thought safe or the collisions with various drivers in the third A-Main.
Nonetheless congratulations Ronald! 
Important notice:
A detailed race report about the IFMAR WC 2012 can be found on with the next days. Included in the report will be the complete Top 10, tech-chart and many more pictures.

Kevin Pignotti takes profit of his wildcard!

Absolutely no reason to hide among the RC greats had Kevin Pignotti. The young Italian driver, who secured the sole wildcard for the IFMAR TC WC with Race2theWorlds, drove for the 60th place in the G-Final at the end.

With exactly the same electronics equipment on the starting line that top driver Ronald Völker was using, he secured the 64th place in the final ranking. With a total of 131 competitors a strong result – especially when taking into account that he usually only drives 1/8 Standard Nitro in Italy.  
More can be read in one of the following reports.
Congratulations also to Kevin for the great result!