LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products ...

Below you can find all new products from LRP electronic. LRP continues to offer high-quality products for all level of racing!

1. LRP Upgrade-Kit SXX ->SXX Mod + Stock Speed Control

Upgrade-Kit turns all LRP SXX into Modified & Stock speed controls!

From now on, Modified- and Stock drivers have a common goal when it comes to brushless speed controls.
To get your existing SXX speed control version 1 and version 2 up to the new Champion’s League,
LRP releases the brand-new Upgrade-Kit SXX „Mod + Stock“. It fulfils the requirements perfectly of both
classes and still offers enough possibilities for individual adjustments.
Moreover, the Upgrade-Kit SXX „Mod + Stock“ fixes the existing problems with the BEC of the SXX V2.
The new kit was completely developed from scratch. Hard- and software can no longer be compared with the
previous version. E.g. the new linear BEC is considerably more stable. The adaption of the voltage to the BEC as
well as to the controller, make the overall system faster and more resistant against malfunctions.

The new Upgrade-Kit SXX „Mod + Stock“ can easily be inserted. Removal of the old board out of SXX V1 & V2, plugging in the new board and fixing it with 4 screws - now the “new” BL speed control for Modified and Stock racing can already be used. The dual-speed control offers a total of 10 profiles – newly created, optimised and adapted to the hardware. 5 profiles each for Modified and Stock allow even finer adjustments of the drive system to the track or the weather.

Updgrade-Kit SXX „MOD + STOCK“ – You won't recognise your "old" SXX brushless speed control any more!

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LRP Upgrade-Kit SXX -> SXX Mod + Stock speed control

2. Crystal Clear HD Mercedes-Benz DTM AMG & Benz DTM Post - S10 Blast TC bodies 

Hockenheim, Brands Hatch, Valencia, Zandvoort or Nürburgring –The DTM (German Touringcar Championship) is starting on your R/C track. Turn your electric touring car in to a real DTM car and experience a new dimension of racing.

Two of the most liked motorsportcars are now available as officially licensed bodies: the AMG Mercedes-Benz of the DTM Champion Paul Di Resta and the Deutsche Post Mercedes-Benz of David Coulthard from the 2010 season. The bodies are chrystal clear with all necessary
decals already cut-out. Make your S10 Blast TC or any other 1/10 TC car ready for the DTM!


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LRP Body Shell Crystal Clear HD Mercedes-Benz DTM AMG - S10 Blast TC


LRP Body Shell Crystal Clear HD Mercedes-Benz DTM Post - S10 Blast TC

3. LRP Bell® UH-1® Huey® Rescue Helicopter 150mm Co-axial RTF

Officially licensed 150mm co-axial helicopter RTF

The exclusive “Rescue” edition of the Bell® UH-1® Huey® is a compact co-axial helicopter in semi-scale look. Its 3 channel infrared remote control makes it totally easy to fly. Beginners will quickly learn to control it. This makes the Bell® the perfect helicopter for inexperienced pilots.

With its rotor diameter of only 150mm the model is ideally suited for indoor flying. No matter, if in the office or living room – the Huey® is pure flying fun!The new LRP helicopter stands out with enjoyable flight characteristics, a look that is very true to the original and a crash-resistant design. Rescue efforts at night are supported with its active LED search light.   Please find all features, more pictures, manual and more on the product pages. Just click on the links in below table!

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LRP Bell® UH-1® Huey® Rescue Helicopter 150mm Co-axial RTF