Bright prospects for Ronald Völker at the IFMAR TC WC!

4 of 6 qualification runs are over in the TC competition. With 2 victories, LRP team driver Ronald Völker has high expectations to come out as TQ. The fastest laps and a head start of 5 seconds to the second place were at times more than convincing.

The IFMAR World Championship in the Netherlands is currently developing into a fairytale for LRP team driver Ronald Völker. After taking the third podium spot at the 1/12 competition, the German is causing lots of excitement in the 1/10 competition.
He is undertaking his qualification rounds with unbelievable precision and speed. In the first run, Ronald was able to distance the second placed driver by more than a second – with Atsushi Hara surely not a bad driver. But it should even get better. In the second run, he was almost taking off ahead of the competitors. With a new set of tyres, he achieved a spectacular time: 5,9 seconds ahead of second placed Jilles Groskamp. Not only a few were astonished. In the third run, Ronald took it a little bit more quiet – “only” 6th place .. but he was still the fastest driver on old tyres.
Like when he achieved the third place in the 1/12 competition, Ronald relied on the strong support of the brand new technology from the blue is better factory. His Yokomo prototype BD5 was equipped with the first serial production version of the upcoming LRP Flow speed control. The completely new developed speedo, perfect for Modified and Stock racing, impressively states here as well, in combination with the LRP X20 BL motor, what high-end brushless speed controller really means.

Important notice:
1. The final of the IFMAR World Championships 2012 is taking place on Saturday (July, 28th)
2. You can follow the IFMAR WC 2012 at, and!
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