Ronald Völker reaches podium with LRP at the IFMAR WC!

Awesome start for LRP team driver Ronald Völker at the IFMAR WC that are currently taking place in the Netherlands. In the 1/12 competition, he was able to secure the third position on the podium after a tough fight. The new and old champion is Naoto Matsukura.

Thrilling action until the end. Three different winners in the 3 A-Mains at the 16th IFMAR WC 2012 – Naoto Matsukura in No.1, Andy Moore in No.2 and Ronald Völker in No.3 – here, the further results had to decide the winner. Naoto could come out on top of Andy by only a short margin and was therefore able to secure the third title in a row ¬– making it a true hattrick. Third on the podium was Ronald, who secured this position with a first class race in the third A-Main. With this A-Main, Ronald also hit overall fastest run of the whole WC!
It was a great prelude for LRP team driver Ronald Völker at this WC. After a bad start, he was able to improve his performance more and more and was able to also show his class in the 1/12 competition. For the still to come TC competition, the freshly crowned ETS Champion 2011/12 is right back in perfect shape.
Ronald once again could rely on the strong support of the brand new technology from the blue is better factory. For the first time, a serial production version of the upcoming LRP Flow speed control was used. The completely new developed speedo, perfect for Modified and Stock racing, impressively states its claim to the throne of high-end brushless speed controls in the Netherlands.
You want more?
Then you shouldn’t miss this video. LRP Product Manager Reto König introduces the LRP Flow at the IFMAR WC 2012 in the Netherlands. »HERE!
Congratulations Ronald for the podium finish and lots of luck for the TC competition!