The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic in the spotlight!

For the best drivers in the world the best engine is just good enough. Therefore, many nitro drivers decided to rely on the “top of the line” LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine. They’re really impressed …

The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic sets new worldwide benchmarks in the area of power. Immediate response, maximum torque over the whole rpm range and a super smooth running make this LRP engine a must have for every serious racer. The “top of the line” engine convinces in every race situation. It has an unequalled output reserve. Furthermore, its fuel consumption is really low.
It was an easy decision for many top drivers. They’ve chosen the best competition engine available on the market. The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic enables them to compete on the highest level of racing. LRP’s pro engine fulfils and exceeds all demands you could have on a modern top-level nitro competition engine.
What do the protagonists of nitro racing think about the LRP engine? Let’s see what they say …
Craig Drescher is one of the most successful R/C drivers from the United Kingdom. He won 11 European Championship titles and 14 National Championship titles. Craig and also his compatriot Neil Cragg power their cars with the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic. Craig says:
„The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine is fantastic. I tested a friend’s car who was using the ZZ.21C Ceramic engine and knew immediately that I had to have one. The power was immense and I had so much control. Now I can drive at 95% rather than 105%. Driving easier gives me more confidence and consistency.”
Ryan Maifield (USA) is one of the scene’s most popular drivers. The Team Associated super star is always one of the favourites when he comes to the starting line. He can already look back on 7 US Championship titles, World’s TQ honours, multiple World’s A-finals and countless other victories.
"The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic has amazing power, great fuel economy, a very smooth power band and performs great in my Team Associated RC8.2 and RCT8."




Craig Drescher

Ryan Maifield

Teemu Leino

Hupo Hönigl

Teemu Leino is Finland’s top driver. In the past, he was particularly successful in electric racing: Touring Car European Champion, 3rd place TC World Championship and winner of the prestigious LRP Touring Car Masters. Teemu now also aims at great results in nitro racing with LRP.
“I feel that the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic is the most reliable and powerful engine that I have been ever driven in my 1/8 buggy.“
Hupo Hönigl is the undisputed star in Austria, even if Peter Pinisch tries to make his life hard. Hupo has won more than 20 National Championship titles. He was also German Champion and celebrated 6 European Championship titles. The Austrian top driver raced in several World’s A-finals and finished on the podium of the best drivers of the world. Hupo and Peter rely on the ultimate LRP nitro competition engine. This is what Hupo states:
“The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic is for sure the most powerful engine that I’ve ever run. Finally an engine that is pure fun also in Truggy racing. In addition, its long runtime is impressing.”    
Chris Doughty is one of the established British top drivers. Despite the extremely tough competition, he was able to win several National Championship titles. Chris was also successful in International racing. He qualified to many European Championship A-finals.
“The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine feels amazing, very crisp response all through the throttle range. Great power and very high RPM which provides great top speed. Another nice feature with this engine is that I very rarely need to change the tune, just a small check/tweak in the morning before my first run and my engine runs perfect all weekend.”




Chris Doughty

Barry Baker

Alex Hardt

Barry Baker is one of the pioneers of the US R/C scene. He can look back on multiple race victories in offroad as well as in onroad racing: 3x World Champion, 12x US Champion, 8x ReedyRace winner and many more. Barry is still hungry for more.
“The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic is by far the best feeling engine I have ever used. It has great power but delivers the power very smoothly when needed. With the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic you know to have a very reliable engine with great power and run time that will get you to the finish line first!”  
Alex Hardt is one of the most talented drivers in Germany. The 17 years old racer is acting German 1/8 Offroad Youth Champion. He can already look back on multiple race successes. Being already an established top driver, Philip Guschl is one step ahead. The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic is the first choice for both of the drivers. This is how Alex says it:
“The LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic is one of the best engines I’ve run till now. Its power delivery is outstanding, while it idles very smoothly. A runtime of ten minutes and more is absolutely no problem!” 
We wish all the drivers lots of fun and all the best for their racing with the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic!

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 LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Nitro Competition Engine