Top nitro drivers choose the LRP S8 BXR evo!

Borja Hernandez and Peter Pinisch were looking for a new partner for their 1/8 offroad racing in 2012. They found it with the LRP S8 BXR evo. A winning team for a thrilling season on Europe’s race tracks!

Borja Hernandez is nitro blooded. The Spanish is one of the 1/8 offroad top drivers in Southern Europe. He’s regularly one of the Spanish Nationals’ favourites. Until today, he took six second places. On the International level, he’s more and more appreciated by the competitors. No matter if EFRA Euros, EFRA Grand Prix or Neobuggy race – Borja is always one of the A-main drivers. Consequently, he also qualified for the A-final at the 1/8 Offroad Euro Warm-Up in Fehring, Austria.  
No driver that aims to be competitive on the international top level, can succeed without the right equipment. Therefore, Borja relies 100% on the LRP S8 BXR evo for the 2012 racing season. The competition buggy from the “Blue is Better” company and its numerous national and international racing successes totally convinced the Spanish top driver. This high-class equipment enables Borja to compete for the 2012 1/8 Offroad EFRA European Championship title again. He can already look back on two podium finishes. Borja also trusts in LRP LiFePo RX and LiPo packs as well as in the Sanwa M11X transmitter and Sanwa servos.  
European Champion Peter Pinisch is the second hot partner for the LRP S8 BXR evo in the 2012 season. The Austrian top driver celebrated his biggest successes in 1/10 electric racing. But it was the surprisingly good results of electric specialist Ronald Völker in nitro racing that proved: electric drivers can also win nitro events.  
To be perfectly prepared for his 1/8 offroad racing, Peter doesn’t only trust in the LRP competition buggy. LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic and LRP Energy Power Fuel power his car to amazing speeds. This duo is the ideal addition to the LRP S8 BXR evo. Furthermore, the Austrian top driver relies on Sanwa technology.  



Borja Hernandez / Spain

Peter Pinisch / Austria

Philipp Guschl / Germany

Both drivers are also active for LRP besides the track. With all their experience and knowledge from years of high-level competition racing, Borja and Peter contribute to the improvement and development of the LRP products. No matter, if extensive testing or practicing in big racing events – both top drivers are fully integrated into the development process of LRP products. This results in extra-class competition racing products for themselves and also for all customers.  
Philipp Guschl is the third 1/8 offroad specialist that is presented here. The young German is one of the most successful drivers on the national level. He’s on the tracks since he was five years old and can already look back on many successful races.  
Consequently, he now aims to succeed also on the international level. This requires high-performing and high-quality equipment. That’s why he has chosen “Blue is Better”.  
Philipp uses the complete LRP portfolio for 1/8 offroad: LRP S8 BXR evo, LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic, LRP Energy Power Fuel, LRP LiFePo / LiPo batteries, Sanwa M11X and servos. In addition, he profits from the outstanding grip of the LRP VTEC 1/8 competition buggy tyres.
The new team was already victorious at its first common race. Philipp won the prestigious 2010 Toy Fair Cup in Leipzig, Germany. He impressed the national and international competitors with his great performance. A perfect start into a successful future!   


 Order No.



 LRP S8 BXR evo - 1/8 Nitro Buggy Team Kit


 LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Nitro Competition Engine


 LRP Enduro-46 1/8 Offroad Exhaust System EFRA#2076 (1 Set)


 LRP Energy Power Fuel 25% - 1L


 LRP Enegy Power Fuel 25% - 3.5L


 LRP VTEC LiFePo RX-Pack Straight 1600 - 6.6V


 LRP LiPo TX-Pack Sanwa M11X 3600 - 7.4V


 LRP VTEC 1/8 Buggy Competition Tyres


 Sanwa M11X FHSS-3 2.4GHz Set


 Sanwa RX-451 4-Channel Receiver for M11X/MX-3X


 Sanwa SRG-CZ Servo


 Sanwa SDX-901 Digital High Torque Servo