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LRP Column / April 2012

In this column, I have the pleasure to give you a review of the past Nuremberg Toy Fair, where we introduced LRP’s first RC speed boat. Furthermore, I want to tell you about our all new LRP ZZ.12X competition engine.

International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2012
The Nuremberg Toy Fair is the world’s number 1 fair for toys and recreational products. It is not only the highlight of the year and the R/C business barometer; it is also THE show where the national and international manufacturers present their hottest all new products. For one week, Nuremberg is the epicenter of the R/C scene! And it’s already a tradition that LRP is part of it.
Which are the most important new “Blue is better” products that were in the centre of the international attention? For the very first time, LRP is also in action on water with the LRP racing boat Deep Blue One. Following up on our two licensed Mercedes-Benz DTM edition cars, we can now also offer the fully licensed Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - Carrera World Cup VIP – “Grüne Hölle” edition of the S10 Blast TC car. In the offroad segment, we were able to present 2 brand new very different truggies. The first one is the S10 Twister Truggy, following in the footsteps of our entry level 2WD S10 Twister Buggy. The second Truggy (S8 Rebel TX) is the family extension to the already well-known S8 Rebel BX Buggy, but with a stronger engine and other improved details. If you’re a fan of kits, the new S10 Twister Buggy kit might be the right choice for you. As in our core business of electric motors and speed controls, we were able to reveal our hottest novelty, the Vector X20 modified motor line. As you might remember, I have already told you all about these motors in one of the previous columns, but now it was ready to be shown to the world. The SSX upgrade Kit Mod+Stock also was one of the magnets at the LRP booth, turning the SXX V1 and V2 speedos into the latest high-end speedo. All in all, like every year, a very exiting but also freezing cold 6 days in Nuremberg. Winter had all of Germany tightly in its grip with temperatures of below -15°C (5°F) during the daytime.  



LRP ZZ.12.X engine
We are back in the 1/10 Nitro business after having a successful .12 engine line in the past. Product Manager Andy Krämer focused during the development of the new engine on high torque at low rpm’s but also on high rpm for extreme top speeds that we are seeing in 1/10 racing. After the successful debut of the prototype at the 1/10th 200mm I.C.scale European Championship in Germany by Teemo Leino, who came in overall third, Andy Krämer and his R&D team still completely reworked the engine during the winter months to improve the engine. Moving on towards the final production version, Andy was successful in the enhancement of the bottom end power, tunability and the idle behavior.
Ronald Völker brought the latest prototype with the final production specification into the A-Main at the famous 2012 Florida Winternats at Ft Myers/USA. Even before racing the Florida Winternats, Ronald already drove the original prototype at the first ever annual Beijing International RC Invitational race in Beijing and finished the A-Main as the runner up on the podium.