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New SXX update tool for PC – Now also available for Mac!

As of today, also Mac users can take advantage from the firmware updates for the LRP SXX speedos. The new software v.2.0.2 – for Mac and Windows – is more reliable, more user friendly and trilingual.

LRP releases another innovation in the R/C area: for the first time a speed control update tool for Mac computers is available. Mac users can now also profit from all firmware updates for the LRP SXX Competition Version 2, SXX TC spec Version 2 and SXX StockSpec Version 2 speedos.  
Windows users can delight in a new software v2.0.2 as well. The advantages of the new software (for Mac and Win) are:
1. the software runs safely and reliably
2. it’s easy to install
3. it’s available in three languages  
Please note!
If you use the new software v2.0.2 on a Windows computer, please use only the new firmware files with the suffix “lrp2”. The versions with the suffix “lrp” don’t work with the new software.  
Take the optimum performance out of your speedo and protect the hardware likewise.
You’ll find the updates on the product pages or directly in our service area!    

The LRP SXX speed control family in an overview  

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