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LRP driver Jarred King rocks Australian NITRO X series!

Victory in the Truggy class and second place in the Buggy class. What a race weekend for LRP driver Jarred King!

The best Australian 1/8 nitro offroad drivers meet at the events of the prestigious NITRO X series. This year’s first round took place at Liverpool, NSW, near Sydney in the end of June. LRP driver Jarred King won the 1/8 Pro Truggy class in style and finished second in the 1/8 Pro Buggy class!  
1/8 Truggy
Jarred TQed this class ahead of his fellow Hobbies Australia driver Tom Toll, using an LRP engine as well.
Early in the final, Jarred King set out fast trying to maintain a quick lead from the pack, but Tom Toll put in a good fight sticking with him the whole way and taking the lead for a while after a slight mistake. Tom made a mistake soon after, as Jarred was very close behind him. The Australian LRP ace managed to take back the lead. Afterwards, he defended the first place the whole way down and extended the gap to a 2 lap lead over the rest of the pack. Jarred topped his performance off, setting the fastest lap of the meeting.  
1/8 Buggy
After having encountered some technical issues before the race, Jarred could only complete one of the four qualifiers. The one that he ran was still good enough to put him on overall Q2. Again Jarred was hit by bad luck as he had to do a quick engine change before the final with not even enough time to tune it.
The engine had no tune on it so Jarred was unsure of the fuel economy. To be safe, he was pitting at 7 minutes which was costing him much time as his competitor KC Shore was pitting at 11 minutes, giving him a big advantage. Despite these challenges, Jarred finished on the second place.  
Two starts – one victory – one podium finish. It couldn’t be much better for LRP and Jarred King!
Congratulations, Jarred!
Read also Jarred’s comment:
“I was really eager to try out my new S8TX Team against some tough competition. After installing the optional longer chassis and springs, it was like driving a whole new car. The car was awesome! My consistency was really good and the key to this track being so rough and worn was to be consistent.
My S8 BXR evo buggy was awesome in the final. Setting up a few changes to get some more mid corner steering, made me set the fastest individual lap in the Buggy class as well.”

Equipment used by Jarred King

 Order No.



 LRP S8 BXR evo - 1/8 Nitro Team Kit


 LRP S8 TX Team - 1/8 Nitro Truggy


 LRP Chassis Plate 22mm longer (incl. middle drive shaft)

132630 - 132637

 LRP BigBore Front & Rear Springs (soft / medium / hard / superhard)


 LRP ZR.21X Spec.2 Nitro Competition Engine  


 LRP Enduro-46 1/8 Offroad exhaust system EFRA#2076 (1 set)  


 LRP Competition Starterbox Spec.2


 LRP VTEC LiFePo RX-Pack 2/3A Straight 1600 - RX-only - 6.6V


 LRP LiPo RX-Pack 2/3A Hump 2500 - RX-only - 7.4V


 LRP Pulsar Touch Competition System


 LRP Power Supply Competition 14A


 LRP VTEC Kamikaze 1/8 Buggy competition tyre - super soft


 LRP VTEC 1/8 Offroad Buggy high-response tyre insert (4 pcs.)


 LRP VTEC Kamikaze 1/8 Truggy LP pre-glued & mounted wheel - super soft


Thanks to Jarred King for the report and the podium pics.