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Revised LRP MySpeedo online!

Always the right speed control! LRP MySpeedo 2.0 helps you quickly and easily. You’ll always find the correct speed control from our current product range. Just try it!

No matter if brushed or brushless – the performance of the R/C car depends on the speed control used. Only if the speed control is optimally adapted to the special conditions of each race, it’ll deliver its best possible performance. In the end a motor is only as good as its speedo.
The LRP MySpeedo tool is great support. It helps you to find the correct speed control quickly and easily – no matter if you race Offroad or Onroad, if you are a hobby driver or if you are looking for the toughest competition.
The tool provides an exact search. The search can be adapted step by step to your individual demands by the different drop-down functions: Type (Brushless/Brushed), Motorlimit, Application Area and Performance/Price. The more precise you make your choice here, the more exact is the search result. And in case you are looking for the adequate motor as well – the tool additionally recommends you the right motor / motor line.
Get the best possible performance out of your motor with the right choice of speed control!
You’ll find the revised LRP MySpeedo in the service area of the LRP homepage.
Please note:
Price-conscious racers and owners of older speed controls will also find all the information they need online. Our „Brushless Motor Guide“ & „Brushed Motor Guide“ feature detailed information about the right speed control-motor-combos.
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