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Video Premiere: the LRP S10 Blast TC in action!

The touring car of the S10 Blast family has been in the film studio and can now be seen on the screen. Discover the LRP S10 Blast TC in our brand new video – the street racer for everyone!

Where ever you’re on the road with this car – the LRP S10 Blast TC is the best choice. The “real” touring car of the S10 family is the perfect start into your racing career! Its development was inspired by the ideas of the multiple European Champion and vice World Champion Ronald Völker.  
Discover the perfect car for club races in our all new video. You’ll see: the LRP touring car loves its starring role. Perfect weight distribution, stylish body shell and easy maintenance let every hobby pilot experience real race feeling. Who likes it even tougher, can tune the S10 Blast TC with a wide range of option parts. Camera on and action!
See the S10 Blast TC in action »HERE!

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