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LRP wins Electric Balkans Open 2010 / 2011!

LRP drivers Emil Kostadinov and Gabriel Mutu secured a double victory in the Electric Balkans Open 2010 / 2011 series at the first big event on the new electric track in Slivnitsa, Bulgaria.

The 6th and last round of the Electric Balkans Open 2010-2011 electric onroad race series took place at the new track in Slivnitsa. The new format of the event provided a thrilling qualification and highest tension in the final heats.  
1/10 Electric Modified
LRP driver Emil Kostadinov set a benchmark lap already in practice. Due to a technical problem with his car, he missed to win the first qualifying round. But in the end, he took the pole position ahead of Gabriel Mutu. Both drivers still had the chance to become the overall EBO champion. All drivers and the numerous spectators were ready for thrilling A-mains.
Facing some technical issues in the warm-up laps, Emil Kostadinov asked for a 10 minutes delay 40 seconds before the 1st A-main started. Consequently, he had to start from the last position. Emo was pushing his car to close the gap with Gabriel lap by lap. After 2 minutes with incredible maneuvers and many risky corner passing, Emil finally saw Gabi’s back. Everyone could observe two fantastic laps with an epic battle for the first position between the two leaders. And then Gabriel Mutu made a small mistake giving Emil the chance to overtake him and win A-main 1. The second A-main wasn’t that intense. Bulgaria’s Emil Kostadinov set the track record in this class and drove to an easy victory. The race and the whole championship was decided already after the second A-main. Congratulations, Emil!  
1/10 Electric Team
The overall champions of this class were already known and all teams had a lot of fun during both 24 minutes finals. Gabi Mutu and Razvan Ungurelu won the last race with a comfortable gap of 7 laps ahead of Team Prista-Silen Manev and Todor Tomov.   
1/10 Super Stock
LRP driver Gabriel Mutu had already secured the title in round 5 and everyone was ready for an easy race. But there was a new racer in this class: 7 years old winner of the beginners class Christian Kostadinov won the 3rd A-main and even the champion was unable to overtake him. Christian took the overall 2nd place in this event. Congratulations, Christian!  
The Electric Balkans Open series was a great success – in general and especially for the Bulgarian LRP team. More than 120 drivers had registered for this Championship. They were all convinced by the high grip and reliability of the indoor LRP CPX and asphalt LRP 33X handout tyres. More than 80 % of the drivers trusted in a LRP speedo and motor combo. More than 60% powered their cars with LRP batteries. LRP charging technology was used by 85% of the drivers.
It’s also a very good news, that many children took part in the beginners class of the event. The next generation of the Balkans R/C stars is growing.  

The LRP equipment used by Emil Kostadinov  


 Order No.



 LRP Vector X12 BL Modified 4.0T - Octa-Wind


 LRP SXX TC spec Version 2 Brushless ESC  


 LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase 6200 - Big Mama - 65C - 7.4V


 LRP Pulsar Touch Competition System


 LRP Power Supply Competition 14A


 LRP VTEC 33X, Pre-Glued Asphalt


 LRP VTEC CPX, Pre-Glued Carpet

 LRP Blue Factor Accessory Line

Many thanks to Emil Kostadinov for the race information and pictures.