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LRP Column / May 2011

In this month’s column, I would like to look back upon the International Warm-up Race in Bischofsheim – one of the first highlights of the 1/8 offroad season. A special focus at this race was on our coming new high-end nitro competition engine.

International Warm-up Race 2011 in Bischofsheim

This event has become one of the most prestigious 1/8 offroad races during the last years. More than 200 racers had registered for the German season’s opener in the Nitro Buggy, Electric Buggy and Nitro Truggy classes. Our LRP team was present with Hupo Hönigl, Philipp Guschl, our racing R&D manager Moritz Gaul and team support Andy Krämer. The LRP drivers were equipped with a preproduction sample of the new high-end LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic nitro competition engine. I will tell you more below. At the beginning, the Truggy final was thrilling. Hupo Hönigl lost the lead after a small mistake and reconquered it just a few laps later with a spectacular manoeuvre. Now the track was free for Hupo and his LRP S8 TX Team competition Truggy. Like on rails, he drove to his second title in the Truggy class in a row. In the Electric Buggy finals, Moritz was hit a little by bad luck. After a second place in the first final, he got a 10 seconds penalty for a jumpstart in final 2. But Moritz is not the guy that gives up easily: he pushed his electric powered LRP S8 BXR evo hard, closing the 20 seconds gap to the leading drivers by a breath-taking chase that lead him on the 3rd place. In the last lap of final 3, he lost the third position after a little mistake. In the end, Moritz missed the overall 3rd place by a hair.
Again in the Nitro Buggy Final, our team was not kissed by luck. Philipp Guschl could not come to Bischofsheim before Saturday. Consequently, he had to race without a lap of practice and missed the final by only a glimpse of an eye. Nevertheless, LRP was represented in the final with Moritz and Hupo. Unfortunately, both had to stop the race after technical KO. All in all, it was a great weekend with Hupo’s victory standing out. It’s always good to know at the beginning of a season that the team drivers are in a good shape and that the equipment can keep it up with the best.


LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic – Nitro Competition Engine

LRP is known for its high-quality race products. We are proud of our top-of-the-line R/C technology, and of the titles that our drivers win with it. Competition on the highest level is, where we feel at home.
Sometimes, there’s a product that even stands out on the highest level. Our new LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic is one of these products. We brought in all the experience of our team drivers and of our R&D department to develop this rpm monster: 40.000 rotations per minute and 2.92hp make racing with this engine a perfect mixture of pure fun and thrilling experiences. The new LRP nitro competition engine sets new benchmarks in power. It is made of high-quality materials. Features like instant throttle response, maximum torque over the entire rpm range and high fuel efficiency make it clearly stand out from the rest. The rear ball bearings are made of ceramic for minimal rolling resistance and maximum durability, while the crankshaft features a diamond-like carbon coating for minimal wear. This is not the only speciality of the crankshaft: a silicone insert optimises the air and fuel flow. A pressed-in tungsten insert stands for a precision-balance never seen before.


You can imagine, how exited I was to hear about the race debut of the LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine at the Bischofsheim race. Knowing that a product is great is one thing, but seeing it prove itself under the toughest conditions of competition, is quite another thing. Our team drivers were enthusiastic about the power, speed and reliability of the new engine. Andy Krämer did a perfect job in setting up the engines. Hupo won the Truggy class in style; and despite the fact that our drivers were hit by bad luck in the Nitro Buggy race, we can really look forward to the race events in the upcoming season. I am sure: our new LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic will be a great success!