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LRP Chopper Helicopter Line: Tuning Tips!

Get it! Fly it! Love it! – now even more. With our tuning tips for the helicopters of the Chopper line, you’ll always easily find your individual setup. For lots of flight fun!

Since a couple of weeks, the new LRP single blade helicopters are available in the shops. All the three models have become very popular already. The use of many aluminium parts, a first-class look and breath-taking flight characteristics make the helicopters of the LRP Chopper line the first choice in the field of single blade RTF models.
The LRP Chopper line models come with a FHSS 2.4GHz technology radio system. This guarantees super fast transmission and response. You’ll never loose the contact to your helicopter. All of the three models are completely assembled and ready to fly. No assembling, no waiting – the flight fun begins directly after unpacking your new LRP Chopper.
Due to our tuning tips, flying with your Chopper model will be even more fun. Find your individual set up quickly and easily.
Get it! Fly it! Love it!
»Download LRP SpinChopper 380      »Download LRP StarChopper 260      »Download LRP StarChopper 440
LRP SpinChopper 380 Single Blade 2.4GHz RTF
The LRP Spin Chopper is a medium sized, easy-to-control single blade helicopter from the LRP Chopper line. It features a 380mm rotor diameter and is a real 4-channel helicopter with impressing flight characteristics.
The Spin Chopper is prepared for excellent manoeuvres. It’s handling is easy to understand – even for beginners. The combination of adjustable gyro, microprocessor-controlled 4 in 1 unit and tail rotor results in the flight stability every pilot needs.
In addition, the tail rotor supports the extremely fast response of the model to every move of the transmitter stick. Due to its fixed pitch function, the Spin Chopper is the ideal helicopter for beginners and advanced pilots.   
LRP StarChopper 260 Single Blade 2.4GHz RTF
LRP Star Chopper 260 – the pocket size high-tech helicopter! The Star Chopper 260 is small, extremely agile and equipped with first-class features. This easy-to-fly model includes a powerful brushless motor, a shaft-driven tail rotor and a high-tech rotor head made of blue anodised aluminium.
The 4-channel control enables the following functions: up/down, forward/backward, left/right, roll/nick, 360° and hovering sideways. Due to the adjustable gyro, the Star Chopper 260 can be flown very smoothly. The flight characteristics are outstanding. The ideal single blade helicopter for beginners experienced in flying a co-axial helicopter.
LRP StarChopper 440 Single Blade 2.4GHz RTF
The Star Chopper 440 is the ultimate single-blade helicopter in 440 size. The functions up/down, forward/backward, left/right, roll/nick, 360°, hovering sideways can be controlled easily and exactly with the four channel transmitter. The adjustable 3-axis gyro and the shaft-driven tail rotor with pitch control result in great flight characteristics. Due to the use of crash resistant materials, the Star Chopper 440 is nearly indestructible, which makes it the perfect all-round helicopter for beginners as well as advanced pilots.
A powerful brushless motor delivers enough rpm for every flight manoeuvre. The top highlight of this RTF model is the high-value equipment and construction. An anodised aluminium rotor head, ultra precise and smoothly moving servos and the complete ball bearings are already included.

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