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LRP Column / April 2011

This time, I have the pleasure to tell you about the 2011 edition of our LRP Touring Car Masters held in Eppelheim, Germany. Following the 1/12 European Championships last month, Reto was once again successfully able to use the LRP SXX StockSpec Version 2 speedo in a major race.

I also do not want to miss mentioning that our LRP Pulsar Touch competition charger won the Car Action Readers Choice Award 2011!

LRP Touring Car Masters 2011

On the last weekend of March, the small town of Eppelheim near Heidelberg in Germany was again the epicentre of high-class Onroad Racing - our own LRP Touring Car Masters was in town with over 220 drivers from allover Europe. As every year, the world elite of Touring-Car racing was in attendance with defending World Champion Marc Rheinard, Double European Champion Ronald Völker, former World Champion Andy Moore, Juho Levänen from Finland, Alexander Hagberg from Sweden and many others. Everybody in the hall was awaiting the showdown between Marc Rheinard and my teamdriver Ronald Völker. Throughout the practice sessions and qualifying, Ronald was always slightly ahead of the field but many others were within striking distance. The LRP TCM was always a good ground for Marc and therefore exciting finals were expected! The first A-Main saw Ronald with a clean start from the pole position and he was never really challenged in that final, especially after Marc retired at 3min mark, and took the win. The second A-Main was a closer race between Ronald and Marc, especially towards the end of the final when Marc pushed extremely hard but it didn’t quite work out for him and Ronald secured the overall title already by also winning the 2nd A-Main. With Ronald having secured the victory, the battle was still on for the podium positions behind him. In the 3rd final, it was a close battle between Marc, Alexander and Juho for 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall. It resulted in Marc getting 2nd and Juho 3rd. Well done boys!


Also part of the TCM were races of Germany’s largest Onroad racing series, the LRP-HPI-Challenge. It is always very exciting for the large group of Challenge drivers to be racing next to the international stars. A great way to experience world class driving hands on! By the way, my son was racing in the so called Rookie Challenge. This is the class for beginners, as the name suggests. We used our new LRP S10 Blast TC RTR touring car and I was very happy that, even tough he hit a few boards quite hard, we didn’t experience a single technical issue with it and we were able to keep up with much higher priced cars. So, if you’re looking for a reliable entry level touring car with lots of performance, the S10 Blast TC is your choice!
If you’d like read more about the LRP TCM or watch the many videos, please visit our event website and have a look!



 LRP SXX Stock Spec Version at the TCM 2011

After the latest wins with the new LRP SXX StockSpec Version 2 speedo at the 1/12 Euros in France as well as the Italian Grand Prix, the story continued at the LRP TCM as well. Ten out of 12 drivers in the A-Main Open Stock did use our speedo. The stock dominator of the weekend, Eric Dankel, was even able to drive lap times that would have almost gotten him into the Modified A-Main aided by the combo of LRP SXX StockSpec Version 2 speedo and the prescribed LRP Vector X12 13.5T StockSpec motor. It was unbelievable following the performance of Eric. For all you guys who are interested in technical details, here’s a special treat for you straight from Eric: Speedo settings 3-4-7-1, 4dot timing on motor and gear-ratio of 5.0:1.


LRP Pulsar Touch Competition wins Car Action Readers Choice Award 2011

Our High-Tech LRP Pulsar Touch Competition is the most popular charger in the R/C business! The charger developed by our R&D team under the leadership of product manager Reto König received the “R/C Oscar” Car Action Readers Choice Award 2011 as the best and most popular charger in the market. The award was presented at the traditional AirAge banquet. I am very proud that we now received the most votes for the fourth time. In 2003, the Pulsar Competition won for the first time, followed in 2004 and 2005 by the LRP Pulsar Competition 2. Once more a great job and many thanks to my R&D staff!