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Freddy Südhoff Joins LRP!

LRP welcomes top European race driver Freddy Südhoff to the LRP team!

Freddy Südhoff has been like a rocket on the result list at the international R/C scene for the last year and is already regarded as one of the best drivers in Europe. Freddy made his debut race for LRP at the European Championship in Luxembourg. 

This is what Freddy said after his first test of the LRP brushless equipment:
"Testing was great! This was the first time i ran the LRP speedo and motor, it is just awesome how good both works!"  

Freddy Südhoff will use the complete "Blue is Better" LRP product line including speed controls, motors, batteries, chargers, dischargers, power supply, accessories etc.


Watch out for Freddy at the next international races with his new power equipment!
Next race up for Freddy will be the German Championship, where LRP will be supporting its great team of drivers. Freddy will join the LRP team with drivers such as Ronald Völker, Steven Weiß, Alexander Hagberg, Hupo Hönigl, Juho Levänen, Dirk Wischnewski. 

LRP is really happy to have Freddy in the team and want to wish Freddy Südhoff the best of luck for many years to come!

Freddy Südhoff will use the following LRP product:
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LRP VECTOR X12 3.5 Turn




LRP HV² VTEC SC-4600 Big Mama 5-cells


LRP HighPower Soldering Station


LRP PULSAR Competition 3


LRP Power Supply Competition 14A


LRP Concept Battery Conditioner 2

LRP Works Team Tool-complete line and other Blue Factor Accessories