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LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products...

Below you can find all new products from LRP electronic. LRP continues to offer high-quality products for all level of racing!

1. LRP Power / Hyper Stickpacks

The next power generation!

With the new LRP stickpacks a completely new and updated budget line will be available. The new power packs represent the next generation of powerful NiMH stickpacks featuring higher capacity, outstanding power delivery, lower internal resistance and a completely new and stylish design. 
The packs can be used in all R/C racing applications.
Another special feature of the new Power and Hyper Packs is the new package design.  

On the technical side the new stickpacks have been improved to the max:
• Higher cycle capability
• Improved quality
• Higher voltage

All battery packs are supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-use including connectors. Only single-cell shrink wrapped cells by LRP are used in each LRP stickpack. Each cell has passed quality control and durability tests before it becomes a LRP stickpack.  

Only high-quality LRP cells are used in LRP stickpacks – just BLUE IS BETTER!    


•   High power racing stickspacks 
•   Ready-to-use complete with Tamiya-style connectors 
•   Exclusive LRP single cells 
•   Robust and safe 
•   Higher cycle capability 
•   Fast charge capable 
•   Best value for money 
•   Wide range of applications: cars, aircrafts, boats and all further  hobby applications where
    rechargeable stickpack batteries can be used 
•   2.5mm² silicone power wire Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge
    and discharge cycles

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Order Nr.       Item
71120            Powerpack 3300 - 7.2V
71130            Powerpack 4000 - 7.2V
71145            Powerpack 5000 - 7.2V

2. LRP Parallel Precision LiPo Balancer

LRP releases a new LiPo battery parallel balancer. Especially developed for the use of LiPo and LiFePo batteries, it automatically recognises the cell condition of all 2-5 cell batteries. If the condition of the cells is not equal (differ more than 20mV), an automatic equalizing of the cells starts and balances the cells during charging to ensure all cells are 100% equal. The micro-controller-regulation guarantees a particularly high precision.

The balancer is not as usual positioned between the charger and the battery, but is connected in parallel. Therefore there is no influence on the charger and its functions.  

By using the balancer while charging the lifetime of the cells is increased significantly. In addition the cells will be boosted to their maximum performance.

• For charging of 2-cell to 5-cell LiPo/LiFePo batteries
• Automatic recognition and displaying of cell condition
• Automatic adaptation of a too high potential difference
• Status LED show which cells are adapted
• Connector is protected against output reverse polarity
• Adaptation precision: 20mV
• Use boosts the lifetime of the cells
• Improve the performance of the cells
• High precision due to micro-controller-regulation
• Dual connectors for XH and EH balancer plugs

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Order Nr.         Item
45200              LRP Precision Parallel LiPo Balancer 

3. Lightweight Chassisplate S8 TX

LRP keeps releasing new tunings parts for the highly successful S8 TX.  

Now LRP releases a special made lightweight chassis plate for the highly successful LRP S8 TX Truggy car. The new lightweight chassis plate is perfectly machined with high-quality and saves weight exactly where you need it without loosing the stability required of a high-performance racing chassis.

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Order Nr.       Item
132623          Lightweight Chassisplate S8 TX


4. VTEC 1/8 Buggy Competition Tyres – VTEC Harakiri


LRP electronic is releasing the next competition tyre of its 1/8 Buggy tyres line. The LRP R&D team and team drivers have specially developed a new thread design with large block pattern, suitable for loose dirt or broken, rutted race tracks. The VTEC 1/8 tyre provides highest grip and lowest wear based on a special compound of high-quality rubber. In combination with the moulded foam tyre inserts, tyre wear is reduced to a minimum. All these features combine into maximum tyre performance on all track surfaces. Released in Super Soft, Soft and Medium compound. Proven in many successful races by the LRP 1/8 LRP Offroad Team!

• Special tread design with large block pattern, suitable for loose dirt or 
   broken, rutted race tracks
• Special tread design for long lifespan with large block pattern, suitable for
   long and tough finals.
• Including moulded yellow foam tyre insert
• Lowest tyre wear
• Several rubber compounds
• Highest Grip and longest lifetime
• Compound identification on the side wall     

Download the LRP Buggy Tyre Guide >HERE<
•   Visit the service area at LRPs website and download the 
    Tyre guide. 
•   Developed by the LRP factory team drivers the easy-to-understand
    guide enables you to always make the perfect choice on which tyre to run!
    Be prepared!

Watch the video of LRP VTEC 1/8 Offroad Tyres in action! >HERE<  
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Order Nr.       Item
65515SS        VTEC 1/8 Buggy "Harakiri" tire incl. Molded insert – Super Soft Compound
65515S          VTEC 1/8 Buggy "Harakiri" tire incl. Molded insert – Soft Compound
65515M          VTEC 1/8 Buggy "Harakiri" tire incl. Molded insert – Medium Compound