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New SXX Setting Guide Online!

Download the new SXX brushless speedcontrol guide for an always perfect speedo and motor setting!

LRP has developed a new easy-to-understand SXX brushless speedcontrol setting guide for all hardcore racers! 
Choosing the correct speedo setting together with the right motor is much more important than many people believe. This new speedcontrol guide enables drivers to learn how to use and optimise the performance of the new SXX speedcontrol and VECTOR X12 modified brushless motor for any race track and racing class.

Specially developed by LRP R&D engineer and team manager Reto König, this guide uses the exact guiding lines Reto König uses for his top team drivers, such as Vice-World Champion Ronald Völker, mulitple European Champion Hupo Hönigl and Juho Levänen to power them to success.
The setting guide covers all the most popular electric onroad and offroad classes and advises which settings to use, either NiMH 4, 5 or 6 cell as well as the use of LiPo batteries.


Take advantage of the knowledge of LRPs World Championship winning brushless technology and always make sure to have this newly developed LRP brushless setting guide ready in the pits for every race situation!


Download the Brushless Setting Guide

Go direct to LRP sevice area "who need whats" and download the pdf.file of the important brushless setting guide.

Click »HERE« to go to download area.