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Radio Race Car is testing the LRP S8 TX Team Kit!

Blue is bigger - LRP S8 TX Team Kit
”... The S8 TX offers all the technical innovations seen in the BX buggy; a well designed layout, phenomenal braking and endless geometry and tuning of the handling. Most of all, paired with your own choice of engine, a stable platform to win at any level you chose to compete in. As well as being a pro spec Team Kit with a few more option parts and better quality components, the other benefit of a Team Kit over the RTR version is that self-assembly kits teach you the basics required to keep it working perfectly and reduce the paranoia surrounding regular maintenance just because it looks a little complicated once it’s fully built and plumbed in.
I think 2009 is going to be a good year for LRP, and that their factory drivers and privateers all over the world, will probably prove me right!"
Source: Radio Race Car - May 09
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