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LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products...

Below you can find all new products from LRP electronic. LRP continues to offer high-quality products for all level of racing!

LRP is now offering a new LRP Hardcase 4800 "Competition Car Line" with upgraded 40C discharge rate to provide the highest possible performance currently available at the market. The new LRP 4800 - 40C Saddle Hardcase pack is developed to deliver unbelievable power combined with long runtime. Featured in a durable hardcase to keep the cells from being damaged during use. At the same time it features a transparent hardcase to see the mechanical cell condition and trick looks. The new LRP LiPo 4800-40C features same dimensions as standard 6-cell Sub-C saddle battery packs and fits in all standard 1/10th scale onroad and offroad cars. The hardcase also features some vertical standard Sub-C cell bulges to securely fit standard Sub-C pre-cutted chassis. So an accurate and firm fitting in each situation is guaranteed.

Complying to EFRA / ROAR rules.

In addition to common LRP car batteries with 1C charge rate, the 4800 - 40C (#79866) can be charged with up to 3C charge current to significantly reduce the re-charge time.

•  Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety
•  Transparent hardcase to see mechanical cell condition and trick looks
•  Same dimensions as standard 6-cell Sub-C battery pack
•  Cell safety tested to certified UN test standards for safest possible running
•  Mountable with the Sub-C bulges facing upwards or downwards; fits both existing cell cut-outs
   and flat chassis.
•  4mm gold connectors, connectable from both sides.
•  2mm balancing connector for balancing port
•  Race legal                                                    




 7.4 - 2S




 2x69 x47x23.5mm


 6-Cell Sub-C Saddle Pack 




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Order#      Type
79866        LRP LiPo Saddle Hardcase 4800 "Competition Car Line" - 40C - 7.4V  
²² Nominal weight, production tolerance may vary


2. LRP VTEC 1/8 Offroad "LP" Competition Tyres

LRP is proud to present a completely new line of tyres with the new VTEC 1/8 Offroad Truggy “LP” Competition Tyres. VTEC continues to confirm its position as the foremost R/C tyre manufacturer on the market today. Just like its smaller buggy tyre brother, the VTEC 1/8 Truggy “LP” Competition tyres are based on a special compound of high-quality rubber which combines high grip with low tire wear.  

The all new Truggy “LP” tyres have been developed through long and extensive testing and are offered in 3 different tread designs with different compound hardness for any tyre of racing situation. High-grip, low-grip, dusty, blue groove, qualifying, long mains, wet, Astroturf or indoor conditions, the VTEC 1/8 Truggy “LP” Competition Tyre Line can do them all!  

Truggy LP stands for “Low Profile”. The tyre is specially designed with a lower sidewall for more direct response and higher cornering speed.

• "LP" Low Profile - lower sidewalls for more direct response and higher cornering speed
• Highest grip and longest lifetime
• Pre-cut venting holes
• Special angled sidewall design - less sidewall flex and improved cornering stability
• Different rubber compounds and profiles for different conditions
• Compound identification on sidewall
• Including moulded yellow foam tyre insert
• Inside stability ribs for less ballooning


VTEC Kamikaze Truggy LP Tyre

• Optimised tread design for all kind of race track                           
• Perfect all-round tyre


VTEC Suicide Truggy LP Tyres

• Tread design with very fine pins, suitable for hard packed, slightly dusty or humid race tracks
• Excellent qualifying tyret


VTEC Harakiri Truggy LP Tyres

•  Special tread  design with large block pattern, suitable for lose             
   dirt or broken, rutted race tracks
• Special tread design for long lifespan with large block pattern,
   suitable for long and tough finals

Download the Truggy "LP" Tyre Guide

•   Visit the service area at LRPs website and download the Tyre guide. 
•   Developed by the LRP factory team drivers the easy-to-understand guide enables you to 
    always make the perfect choice on which tyre to run! Be prepared! Go »HERE  

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Order#         Type
LRP Truggy LP Kamikaze tyre - super soft
65521S         LRP Truggy LP Kamikaze tyre - soft
65521M         LRP Truggy LP Kamikaze tyre - medium
65523SS       LRP Truggy LP Suicide tyre - super soft
65523S         LRP Truggy LP Suicide tyre - soft
65523M        LRP Truggy LP Suicide tyre - medium
65525SS       LRP Truggy LP Harakiri tyre - super soft
65525S         LRP Truggy LP Harakiri tyre - soft
65525M        LRP Truggy LP Harakiri tyre - medium


3. HV² VTEC 1600EC Extra-Capacity RX Packs

LRP releases 2 new RX-Packs that feature higher capacity and allow an extended runtime. The voltage is significantly higher compared to the previous 1400 RX batteries and they offer significantly higher power for the servo. The new 1600 batteries consist of robust cells with lowest self-discharge rate. Therefore there is no need for a special maintenance.

• High capacity for a long runtime 
• Suited as receiver battery for 1/10 and 1/8 models 
• Higher voltage compared to the 1400 version and therefore more power for the servo 
• 2-pole MultiCon plug for universal usability Robust cells with lowest self-discharge rate – no need for a special maintenance  

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Order#         Type
65860          LRP HV² VTEC 1600EC Extra Capacity RX-Pack Hump
65861          LRP HV² VTEC 1600EC Extra Capacity RX-Pack Straight


4. New Carbon and Aluminium 1/8 Tuning Parts – S8BX & S8TX

LRP releases new tuning parts for the highly successful S8 BX and TX Nitro Buggy. Increase the performance of your S8 offroad car on all surfaces with these new carbon and aluminium tuning parts. Lower the overall weight of your car and less rotation mass to improve the handling of your car. Higher-traction, more direct and controllable throttle response and better look.  

Carbon Front Shock Tower - S8 BX (#132612)

Carbon Rear Shock Tower - S8 BX

Carbon Steering slider - S8


Carbon Center Bulkhead Top Plate - S8 BX (#132615)

Aluminium Upper Shock Mounting (lightweight) - S8 (#132616)

Aluminium CVD Outdrive Front (lightweight9 - S8 (#132617)


Aluminium CVD Outdrive Rear (lightweight) -S8 (#132618)

Carbon Steering Servo Mounting Plate - S8 (#132619)

Carbon Steering Top-Plate - S8


5. LRP Brushless Combo - SPX Bullet Reverse / VECTOR X12


This high-end Combo is the peak of todays technology. Your future is secured with the new VECTOR X12 Brushless Modified Motor, the highest performance racing motor and the SPX Bullet Reverse. Super linear power delivery and incredible RPM add up to an unbeatable combo!

A kit combining LRP VECTOR X12 Brushless motor + LRP SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse speed control at a special price!



VECTOR X12 Brushless motor                                    

SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse

• PreciSensorTM System

• Forward/Brake/Reverse

• Reproducible Timing

• Advanced digital, 4 adj. modes

• New Packed Stack

• Internal-temp-check-system

• EasySolder Design 

• "LP" heatsink + integrated cooling fan 


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Order No.       Item
80636            BL Combo VECTOR X12 7.5T + SPX Bullet Reverse