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LRP Column / June

I am proud to say that attention to our motto “Blue is Better” is paid stronger than ever before and that LRP continues to expand every month, both as a company and in regard to which products we are developing and offering to you, our costumers.

Even after more than a quarter century in R/C modelling we still adhere to our traditional values. Quality has always been the foundation and philosophy behind the LRP brand. “Blue is better” has been the guiding idea in developing new products. Quality cannot only be associated with a long lifespan or reliability of a product. In our opinion, these are just the basics attributes. It’s the complete all inclusive package that counts. LRP quality expresses itself particularly in product design, innovative technologies and the commitment to service. For you we satisfy this demand every day. 
LRP is now an internationally present company with 18 IFMAR World Championship titles and is setting one milestone after the other with flexible, trendsetting, “out of the box” decisions. LRP has been able to expand its product line to offer a complete lineup particularly in R/C cars over the years. Onroad as well as Offroad drivers find everything they could possible need.  




I will always love the highest level of competition racing, no matter in what R/C racing class. But  for every year that has gone by until today, LRP has worked to enter and support any racing class on the market, offering everything you need to stay in the blue colours and offering as much useful products as possible. Today we have come a long way since our first electric motor was introduced in 1987. In fact, this year LRP has taken another step into new classes again, with the all new 1/8 electric brushless motor and speedcontrol, and the all new crawling speedcontrol as well as entering the extremely fun and fast growing drift world with the new ULTIMO Drift motor series and ULTIMO Drift speedcontrol.  

LRP – Just Everything!  

Nowadays LRP is offering everything you need to keep yourself up and running at any level of competition you want. Whether it is car, motors, offroad buggies, 1/18 scales offroad or onroad, fuel, high-competition 1/8 offroad tyres, batteries for any use, (LiPos, NiMH, RX packs, TX packs), starterboxes, nitro engines, electric motors (brushless, brushed), Crawling, Drifting, you name it, LRP has it! Nowadays we have an excellent research & development team for our 1/8 Buggies and Truggies nitro and electric that continuously test and develop new tunings part for our 1/8 offroad competition cars. I’m really proud that LRP is one of the few manufacturers offering the full range of R/C products to its customers.  

Another very important part for me and LRP is to promote and support the interest of our hobby. As it is a very small amount of people who are involved in R/C it is in all our interest, both manufacturers and drivers that we help each other to expose our hobby to new people. Also when starting their R/C career it is important to help beginners and make it easy for them to get started. One of the most successful examples of these efforts is the introduction of the LRP-HPI Rookie Challenge. In fact, only in its first year of running the series it has generated a large amount of new drivers thanks to minimal costs and the easy to control cars that make racing fun and can be done by everybody, even without a lot of practice. Another example is the LRP TCM. This top level event is an excellent way of drawing attention from the people of the city and through the great press coverage from all over the world to the race, let them feel the great atmosphere of a racing event and let them try some cars or flights for themselves. This will all help to create a greater interest in our fantastic hobby.






As this year LRP continues to enter new territories, we see the introduction of the all new high-competition LRP 1/8 Brushless system, the VECTOR8 X12 brushless motor and the extremely small SPX8 brushless speedcontrol. The new LRP 1/8 brushless system sees 1/8 electric offroad racing go to the next level with the same world champion brushless technology as the highly developed and fine-tuned 1/10 touring car brushless system. Already at its first ever race, and this race was one the most competitive offroad races in the world (Neo09), LRP entered this new market with a win by LRP driver Ryan Maifield. This makes me confident to be on a good way to take the lead in another highly competitive market, the 1/8 brushless motors and speedcontrol technology as well.  

Another completely new class LRP has entered with our electrical equipments, such as motors series and speedcontrol is as I mentioned above, the drifting class. Drifting has in the last couple of years grown to one of the biggest R/C classes in Japan and is now also conquering Europe. With its pure fun racing purpose, the drifting class has attracted both experienced racers as well as new drivers. Our new ULTIMO drift speedcontrol features specific drift power and brake profiles, including the very cool handbrake effect, which now makes it even easier to turn your car sideways in the corner. In addition all drift racers, both full scale as well as model cars are famous for pimping their cars with a stylish and cool bling bling style, so we fitted our ULTIMO drift brushless speedcontrol with a new fully metallised and shiny front case for that cool look. For our ULTIMO drift motors we offer the possibility of both an entry level drift motor ULTIMO Type1 brushless motor and a high-performance drift motor ULTIMO Type2 brushless motor, for everybody’s own preferences. Try drifting if you haven’t yet, it is a blast and will for sure give you a taste for more.  





For all those crawling racers, LRP has now also developed a crawling specific speedcontrol, called Crawler Brushless Reverse. This speedcontrol is developed and tested specifically for the demands of crawling. Features such as no reverse delay, optional push brake, auto hill-brake and extremely smooth throttle profiles have made LRP´s entry into the crawling world an immediate success. Initial tests with drivers in Japan showed amazing performance straight from the first prototype and our crawler speedcontrol has now already reached a huge success over in Asia. Another great feature is that the speedcontrol can be used with both brushless motors as well as brushed motors. Brushed motors still show great popularity in the crawling world. With all these new and great products, LRP is continuously entering and conquering new markets. Everybody can experience our product in its own class and racing level, whether it is on the race track or on the parking lot. All with the highest demands on quality and latest technologies!  

When developing new products, the common success between the customer and LRP is what we aim to achieve. LRP products are more than just model parts. They embody a philosophy and a goal: To make your quality time better with quality products! Moreover all our LRP speed controls and battery chargers offer a warranty of up to 25 years! When our customers are as committed to our philosophy “Blue is better” as we are, we know we have done a perfect job!