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LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products...

Below you can find all new products from LRP electronic. LRP continues to offer high-quality products for all level of racing.

1. Fusion ”2009” Micro Modified 370

LRP is releasing a new range of high performance brushed motors, specially developed for the popular micro cars. LRP XTEC engineers have designed a micro modified motor, using all its winning experience from the big 540 size motors to power your micro model into the winners circle! Fully rebuildable 370 size design, this micro modified motor combines all features current 1/10 modified motors are equipped with — including high-end material. The Fusion ”2009” Micro Modified 370 motor also features a unique mounting system, which  allows a simple installation into your micro model with screw sizes M3 (17mm) and M2.5 (14.0mm).

Suitable for Hot Bodies Minizilla, Team Losi Mini-LST (Mini-LST 2), Team Associated RC-18 (Rally, Buggy, Truck),
Xray M18 (Touring, Truggy, Monster Truck)


•  XTEC R3-370 teardown 
•  Laydown brushes 
•  Adjustable timing for maximum speed and power 
•  Additional cooling slots for lowest motor temperature and highest efficiency 
•  Fully rebuildable 
•  Same configuration as 540 size motors 
•  Maximum speed (#52010) 
•  Maximum torque (#52015)  

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Order No.          Item
52010               Fusion ”2009” Micro Modified 370 — High Speed
Fusion ”2009” Micro Modified 370 — High Torque


2. LRP Brushless Combo - SPX Bullet Reverse / VECTOR X12


This high-end Combo is the peak of todays technology. Your future is secured with the new VECTOR X12 Brushless Modified Motor, the highest performance racing motor and the SPX Bullet Reverse. Super linear power delivery and incredible RPM add up to an unbeatable combo!

A kit combining LRP VECTOR X12 Brushless motor + LRP SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse speed control at a special price!         



VECTOR X12 Brushless motor                                    

SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse

• PreciSensorTM System

• Forward/Brake/Reverse

• Reproducible Timing

• Advanced digital, 4 adj. modes

• New Packed Stack

• Internal-temp-check-system

• EasySolder Design 

• "LP" heatsink + integrated cooling fan 


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Order No.       Item
80633            BL Combo VECTOR X12 4.5T + SPX Bullet Reverse
80638            BL Combo VECTOR X12 5.0T + SPX Bullet Reverse