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LRP proudly announces the launch of the following all new products...

Below you can find all new products from LRP electronic. LRP continues to offer high-quality products for all level of racing.

1. LRP VECTOR X12 — 12.0mm - 12.5mm -13.0mm Sintered Rotor

World Champion brushless Technology!

LRP releases 3 sintered rotors for the XTEC X12 brushless modified motor as single products. Featured on magnet graded on a new and strengthened shaft for optimised motor performance.

12.0mm rotor is optimised for maximum topspeed with a linear throttle feel. The preferred choice of the LRP team on big tracks with long straights.

12.5mm is optimised for efficiency and mid-range torque. This rotor is the perfect starting point for every setup on every track!   Already succeeded with winning the 2008 1/12th IFMAR World Championship and 2009 1/12th European Championship. Also used by Ronald Völker to finish 2nd at 2008 IFMAR 1/10th World Championship.

13.0mm rotor is optimised for maximum torque and power. Recommended for short tracks with many acceleration parts or on tracks that are tough on runtime. 

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Order No.         Item
50632              LRP X12 12.0mm Sintered Rotor
50633              LRP X12 12.5mm Sintered Rotor
50634              LRP X12 13.0mm Sintered Rotor


2. LRP Brushless Combo - SPX Bullet Reverse / VECTOR X12


This high-end Combo is the peak of todays technology. Your future is secured with the new VECTOR X12 Brushless Modified Motor, the highest performance racing motor and the SPX Bullet Reverse. Super linear power delivery and incredible RPM add up to an unbeatable combo!

A kit combining LRP VECTOR X12 Brushless motor + LRP SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse speed control at a special price!         


VECTOR X12 Brushless motor                                    

SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse

• PreciSensorTM System

• Forward/Brake/Reverse

• Reproducible Timing

• Advanced digital, 4 adj. modes

• New Packed Stack

• Internal-temp-check-system

• EasySolder Design 

• "LP" heatsink + integrated cooling fan 


For more information, go directly to product page:

Order No.       Item
80630            BL Combo VECTOR X12 3.0T + SPX Bullet Reverse
80632            BL Combo VECTOR X12 3.5T + SPX Bullet Reverse