LRP Column - June 2017

In April, our LRP event team was at the Fahr(t)raum in Austria that is a truly unique and exciting RC event. The product management put the finishing touches on exciting new Antix by LRP products.
Antix by LRP Rock Racer 4WD

After Antix by LRP introduced its very first RTR car last year, we are now following up with the brand new Antix by LRP Rock Racer 4WD. The MT-1 was a 2WD drive car, the Rock Racer now comes as a true four wheel drive. With its great ground clearance and robust design it gets you everywhere, no matter if you’re going fast on the street or fighting through tough offroad terrain or performing breath-taking jumps.

With a well suited length of 43mm the car reaches top speeds of up to 40km/h. This doesn’t only appeal to beginners but also to the more skilled drivers as well. Our R&D department put a lot of energy into making the car splashproof, so you can also continue bashing when the weather isn’t always absolutely perfect.

Already included in the box is a 2S LiPo battery with USB charger that enables runtimes of up to 15 minutes. Proof of the tough build of the model are the steel drive shafts, sealed gear box and composite motor guard. Dirt or mud won’t repel you with your high-grip Rock Racer tyres.

I even haven’t mentioned the coolest features of the car yet. It’s unique Rock Racer body makes it the eyecatcher in your neighbourhood. And the real LED front and break lights will take their breath away. Come to your local hobby shop and have a look at this extremely cool car!

Antix by LRP LiHV Car batteries

The very first Antix by LRP product gets an update. Our ANTIX by LRP product manager took on the hugely successful Antix by LRP LiPo car battery line and gave them a complete overhaul. Already known from high-end Competition LiPo batteries, the HV-LiPo GRAPHENE battery cell technology has now also gained entry into our high-quality budget Antix by LRP LiPo battery line. The Antix by LRP GRAPHENE cells enable charging up to 8.7V (2S), greatly increasing the power output and runtime.

The Antix by LRP LiHV LiPo batteries are still fully compatible to all 8.4V chargers. If you are charging them only to 8.4V two good things will happen to you. Firstly, the batteries will have a highly improved lifetime. Secondly, the batteries will still have a significantly higher power output at 8.4V charging compared to the 2016 line without GRAPHENE cells.

On top of the already known 2S (5200, 5400) 3S (4600, 6400) and 4S (6400) batteries, three new types will be added to the line for 2017. Firstly, there is the top of the line 2S 9000mAh (!) pack – almost limitless power packed into a standard sized 2S battery case! Next in line are the 4200mAh Shorty Pack with 5mm gold plugs and the 1/18 scale 2100 hardcase pack.

If you are looking for high-quality LiPo batteries and a very reasonable price rate you shouldn’t look any further than the new Antix by LRP LiHV LiPo Car batteries and give them a try.


At the end of April, the Modellsporttage took place at the Ferdinand Porsche world of experience (Fahr(t)raum) near Salzburg, Austria. This was a must see event and LRP was there, too.

Our LRP Action Team, headed by Thomas Feilner and the Märzinger brothers was in full swing for the whole weekend. Besides the breath-taking action show, the LRP team also had to offer public driving on our track, a RC oldtimer race, and several Rally Cross races as well an RC truck trail area where everyone was able to get his own truck trail license. One of the highlights was the remote controlled pre-war Autounion with a real working V16 Nitro engine!

Of course we also should mention the incredible BMX stunt show by Senad Grosic and his guys. Unbelievable what they were able to do with their bikes.

But the unmatched highlight of the weekend was the Guiness World Record try in the RC car high jump. The current record was set at 8m. All tries were commented by LRP’s own Thomas Feilner. Michael Sellner had prepared several models and Christian Wukonig gave his best with a HPI model straight out of the box. The LRP Jump was in the focus. Would the cars be able to get the proper height?

Unfortunately, Christian was unlucky with his try. He had a jump of 12m, but a wind caught the car and the battery cable disconnected due to the harsh landing. According to the rules, the cars have to be able to continue driving after landing. Michael had the same issue with his highest jump of 15m.

But fortunately for him, his second jump with 12m height was according to the rules and therefore Michael Sellner is the deserving new World Record holder in RC high jump. Congratulations!