Flow X - v3.3 Offroad DIRT - Update!

The new Flow X v3.3 software was developed especially for IFMAR Offroad World championship 2017 in China and incorporates many fine improvements to make it even better on clay surfaces.

On the outside not many differences are obvious except for added torque feel values, but on the inside some vital parts of the software have received an upgrade and are internally re-adjusted. This will result in improved driving feel, smoother throttle response and also reduced operating temperatures.

This software is designed for clay tracks, and slippery tracks in general, while the current v3.1/v3.2 SW remains the more aggressive version, which excels on high grip tracks (carpet in particular) such as the EOS.

We welcome you to try both and see which one you prefer for your driving style and particular track.

v3.3 DIRT - Offroad - firmware update 
20.12.2017 / 304 KB / ZIP

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