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New LRP products in 2016

What were the highlights at the International Toy Fair 2016? Here you can see many exciting new products. Take a look!

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LRP S10 Twister 2 BL Line

Desire for Offroad with true steam under the hood? Then the S10 Twister models with Brushless drive system for uncompromising high-speed racing are the right choice!

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Onroad TC EC 2015, Portugal

The highlights of the Onroad TC European Championship 2015 in Portugal.

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/user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_01.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_50.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_24.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_18.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_56.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_57.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_36.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_06.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_03.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_54.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_45.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_39.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_33.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_25.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_22.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_28.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_55.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_37.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_41.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_46.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_16.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_48.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_44.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_31.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_59.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_47.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_35.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_21.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_19.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_07.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_26.jpg /user_upload/Onroad_TC_EM_2015_Portugal_15.jpg

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Current Press, US

Flippin' fun photo quad - Gravit Micro Vision 2.4GHz Quadrocopter RTF

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Racer 05/2016, UK

Performance enhancing - Sanwa M12S FH4T Transmitter Set

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Racer Lines 04/2016, AUS

LRP goes Short Coursing - S10 Twister 2 SC Brushless 2.4GHz RTR

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