Ken Block Ford Fiesta 2015 Karosserie lackiert (140mm)

Replicate Ken Block's 2015 'Interstellar' Ford Fiesta that he pushes to the limit in the Gymkhana GRiD challenges on your own Micro RS4! This is the only officially authorized 1/18th scale RC version of Ken Block's 2015 car you can get, and it's prepainted and detailed to look exactly like Ken's amazing Ford Fiesta right out of the package!

The details include not only the galactically cool 'Interstellar' nebula and starfield design, it also features the dual-element racing wing, photorealistic headlights and tail lights, grilles and vents, loads sponsor logos and of course Ken's iconic #43 design. To make mounting the body simple, the body is already cut out and the body mount holes are already drilled, so it's just a matter of fitting the body clips!

All HPI RC bodies are made from high quality polycarbonate, which has excellent impact resistance for extra strength and long life



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