1:10 Short Course Enduro 3 breit (Soft) Komplettrad mit roter Einlage Slash 2WD hinten,4X4 F/R, Ultima SC F/R, Blitz F/R

The ENDURO 3 SC tire is an all-around good tire for just about any surface condition. It features large cross cut lugs which offer long tread life, yet allows the lugs to fold over and bite into the harshest conditions. With the tread pattern staying the same through the previous versions, the ENDURO 3 has been updated to the 2014 ROAR National Championship winning Typo carcass for even better performance than before! Available as pre-mounted pairs or tires with inserts in the race proven soft, super soft, and new ultra soft compounds.

One Pair of Pre Mounted Tires
- Fits Traxxas Slash 2wd and 4wd, Kyosho Ultima SC, HPI Blitz
- Soft Compound
- Red Wide SC Inserts



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