1:10 Buggy Crosslink 2.2 (Ultra Soft) mit roter Einlage

After the great success of our 2.2 Chainlink, we are now following up that tire up with a new design on our 2.2 carcass, the Crosslink. The Crosslink features a symmetrical open tread pattern designed to break in quickly and provide unparalleled forward traction. This additional forward traction is perfect for today's high powered 1:10 buggies and allows a more aggressive steering setup without the worry of losing on-power control. The Crosslink has been designed for hard packed or blue groove, indoor and outdoor tracks. Available in championship winning Clay, Ultra Soft and Super Soft compounds as tires with Red inserts. As with all AKA tires, proudly designed and made in the USA.

1 Pair of Tires with Inserts
- Clay Compound
- Red Inserts
- 2wd & 4wd Rear
- Compatible with HEXlite and all other standard 2.2" wheels




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